Eric Shamus is an early example of using The MotionMonitor to facilitate translation of research into a meaningful application. Eric recognized that students and clinicians needed an objective tool to develop a sense of their applied force, and speed of application for mobilizations and manipulation techniques. Read More.

When Covid hit, a group of researchers from VCU gathered to develop a low cost ventilator. Pete Pidcoe, a long time user of The MotionMonitor is one of the collaborators and wrote the software that tells the device what to do. Read More.

Gretchen Oliver is considered one of the elite biomechanists in sports medicine. See how she uses The MotionMonitor to examine youth overuse injuries in baseball and softball. Read More.

As Professor of Physical Therapy and Director of the Motor Control Lab at Virginia Commonwealth University, Dr. James Thomas has pioneered the use of virtual reality in clinical settings to encourage movement by patients with back pain. Read More.

Beth A. Smith, PT, DPT, PhD, leads the Infant Neuromotor Control Laboratory at Children's Hospital Los Angeles where her research examines the relationship between early brain development, infants’ movement behavior, and neurodevelopmental outcomes. . Read More.

Dan Feeney leads the research team at BOA Technology's Performance Fit Lab where they evaluate performance improvement resulting from the BOA Fit System enhancement to traditional shoe design. Read More.

Reuben Burch and the interdisciplinary team within MSU's Athlete Engineering Research Lab (AERL) are leading the way on wearable technology and human assessment and performance. Read More.

Dr. Elizabeth Torres and her team are breaking barriers using a multidisciplinary approach to study autism with a hope to improve knowledge and empower individuals to advocate for people who are on the spectrum. Read More.

Dr. Paula Ludewig, a pioneer in the study of shoulder, has focused on rehabilitation strategies for improving shoulder function in persons with pathologies related to abnormal movement patterns.  Read More.