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Ensures that you can use your system to its fullest potential.


It is our belief that continuing support is critical to our long term success.  In the sections below, read more about


Client Only Web

Our "Client Only" web provides existing users a place to obtain technical information on the use of our products. It includes manuals, tutorials, webmeetings, a searchable kowledge base and the latest version of software.  Clients can also use this section to purchase Maintenance Subscription & Support programs,  obtain release keys and pay invoices.  This section requires that you login to your account with your User Name and password:

  • Our online manuals provide the latest descriptions of each menu item contained in our product offerings.
  • Tutorials and Knowledge Base Articles ensure that you optimize use of The MotionMonitor®.
  • The download section is the place to go for updates and the latest in software.
  • Renew your Maintenance, Subscription & Support agreements and obtain release keys by logging into your account.  Read this for details on how to manage your own release keys.
  • To make your contact with our Support Engineers most productive for you, please view our Technical Support Procedures prior to your call.


Pay Invoices

You now are able to pay outstanding invoices with credit cards or your PayPal Account. Simply click on the button below to access the PayPal secure site to complete the payment transaction. You do not require a PayPal account for this purpose.  Be sure to have the invoice number and amount available when using this feaure.


Maintenance, Software Subscription and Priority Support Programs

Our Maintenance and Subscription programs ensure that customers with hardware installations enjoy the latest features of The MotionMonitor® software and should be an important part of the purchase decision.  Read the details of alternative programs here.

Maintenance, Software Subscription and Priority Support

Software Subscription and Priority Support

Chicago Training CenterIST

Our training center offers a means for keeping researchers, students, lab assistants and personnel current with new features of The MotionMonitor® software. And product demonstrations provide a way to ensure that you get the "right" hardware configuration for your needs.


We now offer scheduled training sessions for our current and prospective clients. Additional training sessions offer a means for keeping researchers, students, lab assistants and personnel current with operating The MotionMonitor®. These sessions can encourage researcher-to-researcher discussions regarding specific applications, methodology, etc. In addition, feedback for future software functionalities and enhancements is welcome! Contact us at or 773-244-6470 for a schedule of upcoming sessions.

Training Center 2

At our center, we can provide demonstrations of the various hardware components and system configurations. In-house, we have most hardware components you would require and we would be happy to configure a system that would best meet your application needs during your visit. Displayed are some pictures from our center of the various hardware components. Please contact us to schedule a demonstration at or call us at 773-244-6470.

Training Center1

Proper Citing of The MotionMonitor

We have worked hard over the years to establish our trademark.  It is important when citing our software in research papers and poster presentations that those cites be consistent with our trademarks.  The following are examples that are consistent with our registered trademark.

When citing the software bold italics with no space is preferred:  The MotionMonitor

This form is acceptable:  The MotionMonitor

When citing using our downloadable logo be sure to maintain the aspect ratio: The MotionMonitor Logo

When citing Innovative Sports Training, use the website: