Related Products:

  • Instructional aids in biomechanics, physical therapy, sports medicine and neuro-science
  • Swing analysis system that monitors all aspects of sports movements involving golf clubs, baseball bats, tennis racquets and hockey sticks



Related Products

are based on the same powerful software engine as The MotionMonitor® for Research but have user intefaces appropriate for the market segment. Click on an product to learn more about it.


The MotionMonitor Scholastic™

Designed as an instructional aid in biomechanics, physical therapy, sports medicine and neuro-science.
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The SwingTrainer™

Designed for sports medicine labs, rehabilitation clinics and teaching professionals.
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The LiftTrainer™

Incorporates concepts in behavioral modification and biofeedback conditioning.
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The Physical Therapy Application Suite

Provides functionality to make Evidence Based Practice a reality.
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Data Sets

A variety of daily activities for Study with The MotionMonitor Scholastic.
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 Kinematic Biofeedback for subjects with shoulder deficiency.
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The MotionMonitor Bike Fit System

**NEW**  Track and analyze a rider's position and orientation on a bike in real-time.
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Delsys Trigno IM Thumbnail Image

The MotionMonitor with Delsys Trigno IMs 

**NEW**  Capture & analyze kinematics and EMG within a single software interface.   Click here...


The MotionMonitor Essential

**NEW**                                                 Low cost post-processing biomechanics software.           Click here...

Manual Therapy_Thumbnail

Manual Therapy Product

**NEW**               Train mobilization and manipulation techniques using a handheld transducer.       Click here...



The IRES Product

**NEW**  Simplify the acquisition and analysis of human motion in complex environments that are not readily duplicated in real life.. Click here...



The MotionMonitor Jump

**NEW**           The total solution for analyzing neuromuscular and biomechanical performance of athletes.  Click here...