Representative Client Listing

Representative Client Listing

Institution Dept/Lab Application/Case Study Client/Contact
Armstrong State University Human Performance Center Biodynamics Bryan Riemann, Ph.D.
Mayo Clinic Orthopedic Surgery In-Vitro Joint Studies Kai-Nan An, Ph.D.& Kristen Zhao, Ph.D.
The Ohio State University Orthopedic Surgery Ergonomics-Lifting Steve Lavender, Ph.D.
Iowa State University

Industrial & Manufacturing Systems Engineering
Neuromotor Lab

Ergonomics- Lifting, Neuromotor control

Gary Mirka, Ph.D., Elizabeth Stegemoller Ph.D.
University of Maryland-Baltimore Physical Therapy Wheel Chair Biomechanics, Shoulder Mary Rodgers, Ph.D.,PT & Jill Whitall, Ph.D.
University of Wisconsin-LaCrosse Physical Therapy Gait, Sports Analysis
Tom Kernozek, Ph.D.
Ohio University

Physical Therapy
Physical Therapy

Motor Control, Gait
Jim Thomas, Ph.D., PT 
University of Washington Human Motion Analysis Lab Clinical Biomechanics, Shoulder Kevin McQuade, PT, MPH, Ph.D.
Medical College of Virginia Physical Therapy Dynamic Knee Studies Pete Pidcoe, Ph.D.,PT
York University Kinesiology & Health Science Neuroscience, Vision Denise Henriques, Ph.D.
University of North Carolina- Chapel Hill Exercise and Sport Science Neuromuscular Control, ACL Darin Padua, Ph.D., ATC & Troy Blackburn, Ph.D., ATC
East Carolina University Human Movement Analysis Lab Gait, Running Analysis

John Wilson, MPT, Ph.D. & Stacey Meardon, PT, Ph.D., ATC, CSCS

University of Montana Physical Therapy
Physical Therapy
Gait, Running Analysis Rich Willy Ph.D. & Ryan Mizner Ph.D.
VU University Amsterdam, Amsterdam Rehabilitation Research Center Physical Therapy  Shoulder, Gait Thomas Janssen, Ph.D.
University of Tübingen

Center of Neurology
Center of Neurology

Neuroscience, Vision with Biofeedback  Hans-Otto Karnath MD, Ph.D. & Marc Himmelbach, Ph.D.
National Cheng Kung University Department of Sports Sciences Sports Analysis, Proprioception Yung-Shen Tsai, Ph.D.
Washington Univeristy - St. Louis Physical Therapy Hand & Fingers Catherine E. Lang, Ph.D., PT
University of Montreal Dept of Kinesiology Neuroscience Julie Messier, Ph.D.
University of Manchester Life Sciences Vision Emma Gowen Ph.D.
Northwestern University Department of Kinesiology  Motor Control Daniel Corcos, PhD
University of Minnesota Physical Therapy Shoulder Paula Ludewig, Ph.D.
Palmer Center for Chiropractic Research Research Spine Ram Gudavalli Ph.D.
University of Southern California Physical Therapy Stroke, Reaching Carolee Winstein, Ph. D.
Rush University Medical Center Tribology Gait, Foot & Ankle, Autism, Human Movement Markus Wimmer, Ph. D.
Upstate Medical University Physical Therapy Gait, Foot & Ankle Mechanics Christopher Neville, Ph. D., PT
Hong Kong Institute of Education Health and Physical Education Gait, Sports Analysis Daniel Chow, Ph.D.
Auburn University Dept of Kinesiology Gait, Sports Analysis, Shoulder Gretchen Oliver Ph.D., ATC 
University of Florida Laboratory for Rehabilitation Neuroscience ;
Neuromuscular Physiology Laboratory
Motor Control, Neural Mechanisms; Neuromuscular Control, Learning David Vaillancourt, Ph.D. & Evangelos Christou, Ph.D.
University of Toledo Kinesiology Neuromuscular Control, ACL Neal Glaviano, Ph.D., ATC
Supervalu Commercial Company  Ergonomics- Lifting Michael Weber 
Massachusetts General Hospital Institute of Health Professions Physical Therapy Gait, Geriatrics- Hip, Orthopedics Janet Kneiss, Ph.D., PT
United States Military Academy- West Point Engineering Psychology Vision, Applied Behavioral, Cognitive Neuroscience Ericka Rovira, Ph.D. & COL James Ness, Ph.D.
Thomas Jefferson University Physical Therapy Infant Motor Control Stephanie Muth, Ph.D.
Old Dominion University Department of Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering Foot & Ankle Stacie Ringleb Ph.D.
Universidade de São Paulo, FMRP Physical Therapy Shoulder, Knee Anamaria Siriani de Oliveira, Ph.D.
Proaxis Therapy Clinical Rehabilitation, Shoulder Chuck Thigpen, Ph.D., PT
Mahidol University Physical Therapy Motor Control, Virtual Reality Jarugool Tretriluxana, Ph.D, PT
3M Commercial Company Ergonomics- Lifting Nathan Anderson
Rutgers University Psychology Vision, Cognitive Psychology, Computation Neuroscience Elizabeth Torres, Ph.D.
Université de Québec à Montréal Applied Health Systems Gait, Motor Control Christian Duval, Ph.D.
Osaka University of Health and Sport Science Department of Health and Sports Management
Neuromuscular Control, ACL Yohei Shimokochi, Ph.D.
St. Catherine's University Physical Therapy Shoulder, Gait Cort Cieminski, Ph.D., PT & Jaynie Bjornaraa, Ph.D.,PT
Reebok International Commercial Company Product Testing Jason Leach
Yonsei University Physical Therapy Gait, Hand  Oh-Yun Kwon, Ph.D., PT
Department of Vetern Affairs (VA) Maryland Health Care System Research Service Gait, Motor Control, Vision Larry Forrester, Ph.D. & Jay Barton, Ph.D
Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology School of Fashion Art & Engineering Clothing Construction Rong Zheng, Ph.D.
Commercial Vehicle Group Commercial Company Ergonomics- Cab-related Biomechanics  Logan Mullinix


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