Integrated Systems

  • Configured to meet your unique requirements
  • Upgradeable as your needs change
  • On-site installation and training available
  • Integrate your existing hardware components with one of our Base Units in order to achieve a turn-key system


Integrated Systems


The MotionMonitor team can help you build a new motion capture system or integrate existing equipment with The MotionMonitor software. Please contact us to learn more. Below, you can see the step by step process for building an integrated, turn-key system.

The MotionMonitor provides extensive real-time data capture, biofeedback and analysis capabilities. In addition, it can be used for post-processing biomechanical data from existing motion capture systems. Visit Post-Processing: The MotionMonitor C3D Model Builder to learn more.

This is what we do for you:

Bullet_1 Determine the appropriate Base Unit configuration, which includes The MotionMonitor software, tailored for your needs.

Bullet_2 Assist you to select and configure the optimal kinematics technology or hybrid kinematic technologies for your application.

Bullet_3 Select and integrate peripheral systems such as EMG, force plates, eye trackers and EEG to accomplist your unique goals.

Bullet_4 Perform onsite installation and training, designed to focus on your specific application with meaningful data collection on day one.


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The pictures on this page demonstrate the range of complexity, flexibility and mobility possible with The MotionMonitor® integrated systems.

Integrated Systems 3