Real-time 3D motion capture system

designed for use in medical research; physical therapy clinics; sports medicine labs; motor control & neurological labs; gait & balance labs; golf, tennis & baseball instruction centers and, other situations where precise measurements of the body and its movement through time are required.

The MotionMonitor®

The MotionMonitor is a turnkey 3D motion capture system with software for biomechanics research and rehabilitation. It is designed to synchronously collect data from optical trackers, inertial measurement units, EMG sensors, force plates, hand transducers, EEG systems, digital video, event markers and other analog devices, virtual reality, and haptic devices. Data generated from a rich collection of analytical tools are immediately available for playback with graphical displays of all data outputs and stunning 3D computer graphics and subject animations. Real-time measurement and kinematic analysis of the human body's movement, brain activity, eye movement, muscle recruitment, and external forces acting on the body is achieved using the broadest range of hardware available in the market.

With The MotionMonitor you can...

  • Customize a total solution to ensure you achieve your research goals...learn more
  • Include and integrate your preferred technology or we can recommend an optimal technology…learn more
  • Reduce your operational costs and focus on your research or application, versus writing, modifying, debugging and maintaining code…learn more
  • Diversify your lab or group’s research applications…learn more
  • Invest in a system which can grow and expand as your research evolves or budget allows…learn more  
  • Avoid the hassles and need to call multiple vendors for support…learn more  

Experience The MotionMonitor applications and features in this 90 second video:


Let The MotionMonitor® support team assist you with the installation of The MotionMonitor® software and integration of your existing hardware.  Alternatively your Client Support Engineer can help you design a system, purchase necessary hardware, assemble and train you on a complete turn-key system.  

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