Amplify Real-Time

Built from the ground up, The MotionMonitor xGen takes advantage of computer advances, to break new ground in real-time solutions. As a true multi-threaded application, The MotionMonitor xGen enables the direct collection of data from all hardware sources. With the introduction of Live data streaming, users have greater control over collection and display of data, permitting extensive interactive, biofeedback protocols.

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Innovate Research

When first introduced in the mid 90's The MotionMonitor Classic was the first patented motion capture system to provid real-time computation and feedback of joint forces and moments.  Today the MotionMonitor xGen provides not only real-time feedback on joint forces but also muscular and nervous system activation.  The MotionMonitor xGen offers comprehensive analysis capabilites which truly differ from anything in the marketplace.

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Invent the Future

The MotionMonitor xGen provides the ability to translate your research into your own clinical, teaching, ergonomic, or sports applications. The software is designed for that purpose. xGen is platform independent with support for tablets, laptops and desktop computers. Create your own application utilizing pre-defined biomechanical and user-defined variables. Additionally, design a unique user interface with icons animations and data to satisfy your application requirements.

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Features that Make a Difference

The MotionMonitor xGen provides a complete solution.  This one application is used to facilitate subject setup and model definition; synchronous data collection; and comprehensive analysis, all in real-time.  The MotionMonitor xGen features many unique capabilities:

Live Data

View live subject data and skeletal animations during data collection for immediate feedback and quality checking.

Model Definition

Define joint centers, landmarks and local coordinate systems using markers, digitization or regression methods, like Bell, Davis or Mesker's Method. Define the biomechanical model with any published or user-defined markerset

Hybrid Motion Capture

Create hybrid kinematics systems to simultaneously take advantage of the strengths of each technology. For example, use a combination of inertial sensors (IMUs) and optical cameras to track the subject. Instrument body segments with IMUs when line of sight cannot always be maintained


Display data in a variety of ways, including words, bar or time series graphs, animations or 3D visualizations. This allows you to display data in the most effective manner for your needs.

Multi Subject

View live subject data and skeletal animations during data collection for immediate feedback and quality checking.

Custom Interface

Create icon driven interfaces to facilitate a fast and simple setup, collection, and analysis process. Icons ensure that data is collected in a consistent manner by all operators, reducing the introduction of error in the process.

Complex Biofeedback

Utilize a system which has been optimized to facilitate complex biofeedback routines at full-frame rate, in realtime. Introduce biofeedback via graphs, animations, visual and audio targets or virtual reality for training and rehab programs

Powerful Analyses

Utilize powerful built-in analyses such as entropy and fractals, muscle modeling, and the ability to define or "script" your own analyses.

Supported Hardware 

The MotionMonitor xGen supports the broadest range of hardware typically found in laboratory settings.  Supported hardware integrated in The MotionMonitor xGen systems eliminates the need for extensive on-site engineering support.  And turn-key systems eliminate calls to multiple vendors for support.  All your hardware questions can be answered with one call.  Integrated hardware ensures sychronized, realtime data can be collected on day one and researchers can focus on their research.

Motion Capture

  • Markerless Motion Tracking with Theia, KinaTrax and SwRI's ENABLEtm artificial itelligence (AI) based systems.

  • Passive Optical systems by VICON, Qualisys, Motion Analysis Corp, Natural Point and Metria Innovation

  • Active Optical systems by PhaseSpace and NorthernDigital

  • Electro-Magnetic systems by Ascension Technology and Polhemus

  • Inertial Measurement Units by Xsens, Delsys, APDM and InterSense

Kinetic Systems

  • Forceplates by AMTI and Bertec

  • Instrumented Treadmill by Bertec

  • Instrumented Stairs by Bertec & AMTI

  • Mini-Load Cells by ATI, AMTI, Bertec

  • Instrumented Walker by AMTI

Neuro Systems

  • Digital EMG from Noraxon and Delsys

  • All analog EMG systems 

  • EEG systems from BioSemi, ANT Neuro and MindMedia

  • Eye tracking systems by Eyelink and Tobii

Virtual Reality

  • Integrated Research Environment System (IRES) including immersive display, motion capture, forceplate or insrumented treadmill, bi-directional data exchange with Unity Technology visualization software and The MotionMonitor xGen analysis software.

  • Virtual Reality Displays including rear projection hand lab, "reach-in" immersive displays and Bertec's Immersive Lab dome display

  • Head mounted displays by Oculus and Tobii

  • Phantom Haptic devices by Sensable Technologies