Real-time 3D motion capture system

designed for use in medical research; physical therapy clinics; sports medicine labs; motor control & neurological labs; gait & balance labs; golf, tennis & baseball instruction centers and, other situations where precise measurements of the body and its movement through time are required.

The MotionMonitor®

The most advanced data acquisition, analysis and visualization system in the market place, The MotionMonitor® is configured to meet your specific requirements.  It is characterized by:

  • synchronized data collection from Ascension "Flock of Birds" & trakStar; Polhemus Liberty & Patriot; Vicon, Motion Analysis Corp, Qualisys & Optitrack passive optical systems; Optotrak Certus, Phoenix & PhaseSpace active optical systems; Organic Motion markerless cameras; Inertial Measurement Units; AMTI, Bertec & Kistler force plates, Delsys & Noraxon EMG; BioSemi, MindMedia & ANTNeuro EEG; SR Research Eyelink II and Eyelink 1000; Phantom haptic devices; ATI, AMTI & Bertec Hand Transducers; stereoscopic rear-screen and head mounted displays for virtual reality, and standard or high-speed digital video;
  • rich data analysis, 
  • stunning 3D computer renderings, and
  • an underlying foundation in science. 
  • Watch a video presentation of The MotionMonitor applications and features below.


Let The MotionMonitor® support team assist you with the installation of The MotionMonitor® software and integration of your existing hardware.  Alternatively your Client Support Engineer can help you design a system, purchase necessary hardware, assemble and train you on a complete turn-key system.  

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11/07/2016- Support for Delsys Tirgno IMs announced...  Click here

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